Rialto DK Print

I absolutely love the Cleo Shawl, but as I have already made it twice before, I have decided on working some variations. Here’s variation 1!

I used DK Print and a solid purple DK colour for the border. I also changed the border pattern to give it a more straight edged finish.

I am delighted with the colours from the Debbie Bliss DK Print yarn. I find this such a relaxing shawl to make. It requires little concentration, so it is great for those that need a project in their hands while watching TV 😉

Cleo Shawl pattern from book Simply Crochet by Debbie Bliss


and Rialto Print Variation 2!….. Which I made shorter in a green rialto print yarn.


I first came across Tatting in 2012, when I saw a number of highly skilled ladies from ring of tatters demonstrate at a London exhibition.  I bought a shuttle and it’s been on my to do list ever since. I finally decided to give it a try using the instructions for a basic butterfly and help from YouTube. I certainly need a lot more practice, but I am happy with attempt number 1.


I found lots of useful help on the link below:


Bank holiday break

What a beautiful day! It was the first chance I had to relax all week. I decided I would make a gift for a friend who never fails to inspire me with her creativeness. Yoyo has recently been learning to stitch and I thought a pin cushion would come in handy!!!

I found this fun and straight forward to put together. I used a linen for the top (to stitch onto) and felt for the bottom. The ric rac edging hides the flaws in my sewing technique.

Here’s the link to Yoyo the rice-corpse blog:


Cleo Shawl

The off white shawl was my most recent finished project with the Cleo Shawl pattern (which I absolutely love). It’s so simple and the finished item is so versatile to wear. Pattern uses Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply which has a beautifully soft feel.


Back in time

This was my first attempt at the Cleo Shawl a few years earlier and actually my first ever proper crochet project! It took me forever but I have improved and my most recent attempt was a fraction of the time :)   Yay!


Cleo Shawl pattern from book Simply Crochet by Debbie Bliss

Willow square blanket

Well I was meant to finish this last August. It’s a gift for my sister, but I had slightly underestimated the size of the project! 50+ yarn balls and 7 months later I finally got there! Can’t wait to give it :)

I used the Willow square pattern from Jan Eaton 200 Crochet blocks book with a slight variation. The boarders were a mix of solid crochet stitches and a crochet diamond mesh.



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