Busy bow weekend

So addicted to making these for all the family…..great for using up all the fabric scraps


Crocheted Mary-Jane slippers

My latest addiction.

With this great free pattern and a bit of tulip paint (to make some grips on the soles) these are a great weekend project!

– https://thelittlehousebythesea.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/free-pattern-for-mary-jane-slippers/


Hair accessories continued

I’ve been going crazy making those bunny ear scrunchies this weekend.  So useful and cute.

I had various bits of smaller fabric cuts left over. so I used them up making Bows!!! So fun to make. I hope to add these to various things. Firstly some hair clips!

Sewing machine is fixed

Sewing machine is fixed in time for the bank holiday weekend!!! :)

So, I have neglected to use my sewing machine since I first acquired it, and then when I finally got round to using it, I found out it’s broken. After more than a month sorting out the repair, it’s finally back in working order.

So to start off my learning curve, I got to work on a scrunchies collection!!!

I tried a few techniques for sewing up these scrunchies and my favourite so far are the bunny ear ones.

DIY TopShop Bunny Ears Scrunchie {Cute gift Ideas}: http://youtu.be/aOKNg8JQV-Q

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