Totally Tunic

Well this was great fun, another WATG kit. This is a present for my sister in some of her favourite colours. Now that I have finished it, it reminds me of a Minion, (from the movie Despicable Me)! Really, really simple pattern, lovely soft cotton and comfy loose fit.



WIP pic…

WATG Fearless Cardigan

My first WATG (Wool and the gang) project. Fearless Cardigan – Knitted all in one piece, how cool! The yarn is so soft and it’s a super quick (but pricy) bit of knitting. I am pleased with my new wardrobe piece, although the yarn does seem to be shedding a lot already. Lets see how it wears over time.

watg site

Check out the 25mm knitting needles! Knitting and an arm workout all in one.

I wouldn’t mind having another go in a more adventurous colour in the future and also making the sleeves a bit longer, but until then, on with the next project..

watg pack


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