I received this lovely WATG Alpacino crochet an Alpaca kit as a birthday gift and opted to make the larger size. Its super soft and made from Peruvian yarn with black cotton eyes. Great little project for those new to crochet toys!




…and while passing Oxford Circus station (London), I spotted this giant Alpacino waiting to be won! A little too big for my home, but still cool!

Bina Bear

Finishing up my UFOs of 2015, last night I was delighted to complete my first Lalylala – Bina Bear.

The pattern was well presented and I completely understand the addiction to making these, as they are truly wonderful.

I used the recommended Molotow paint (in skin pastel 207) for the cheeks and thankfully it turned out ok!

I am trying to decide which one to do next as they are all so lovely!


Check out the Website below which also has links to where to buy theses cute patterns from.

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